What would it be if everybody used pirated software? The answer is simple, as nobody would purchase it, companies would stop making it, as it just wouldn’t be possible anymore. So if nobody will ever buy Photoshop, then there will not be Photoshop anymore, as nobody will ever write new versions of it, working full-time at Adobe’s offices.

Software, just as hardware, is a product, and somebody worked real hard to create it. Everybody purchase hardware, but is there any difference with software product?

There are always those people who don’t mind rewarding others for their hard work, commitment and excellent quality stuff they produce. Those strange people want to have everything… with them giving nothing in exchange. Those are ungrateful, selfish and careless people who only care about themselves. Those species could actually be called parasites as they are really them, de facto of what they do.

But obviously everyone decides himself what he want to be, a normal thankful person or somebody else.

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