Few words about software

So, programs, what it actually is? First of all, it is those things that make of PC a useful thing. What would PC become without programs? Well, just pull out a hard disk from it and you will see whether pure hardware without software is useful or not.


So, what is software or programs?

It can be called a part of computer, a virtual, non-physical part of it, that cannot really be touched or felt directly. Basically a program is purely a set of instructions for the hardware, to perform this or that thing, useful for the human. Without those instructions, hardware becomes useless junk, as it will do nothing. You can turn it on, let some electricity flow into it, so that the hardware will be ready to do something useful. But if nobody tells it what exactly it should do… nothing will happen and you will only see a black screen 🙂 Because even to make appear some system or error message on it, you need a program for that!

So software part is absolutely essential for the PC to function and for the human to actually use that PC. A game like Solitaire is a program, a PDF viewer like Sumatra PDF is a program, email client like The Bat! is a program, even Windows itself is a program. A big and extremely complicated one.

A lot of people use all that richness with pleasure, without realizing how difficult it is to create it and how it is created at all and by whom.

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