How one create software

Software creation is a long and difficult process, depending on its size, scale and purpose. People who create software are being called programmers or sometimes coders, as they write code in a programming language of their choice – those particular instructions for hardware to perform something useful for its owner.


Like for example, play video files. If you have a file with a video, then you need a dedicated software to watch it – a video player.

To create a complex decent software, programmers cannot just start by directly writing a code, they need a plan how they will write it. It’s like writing a general outline for your essay first and only then pass to particular writings – a concrete code. In big companies that do software development and that create complex large scale programs like Adobe Photoshop, there are teams of programmers that work behind their PC’s from morning till evening by doing nothing else than writing code.

There is an entire programmers’ hierarchy:

  • junior programmers
  • senior programmers
  • system analysts
  • lead programmers
  • systems architects


Each of them performs his dedicated particular task and by working altogether they create some big software that millions of people will use in their everyday lives.

Another profession that is tightly related to software development is software tester, it can also be called beta tester. His work is to test software freshly written by a programmer, to see if it contains any errors (glitches, often called BUGS), if it is optimized enough and performs good, if it is well written and suits perfectly needs of end user. A tester then reports that information to the author of that software, or its current developer and maintainer, so that he would be able to fix it and issue a newer version, with the only goal of improving its quality, so that end user could be 100% satisfied of using it.

Creating software isn’t easy task and never was. It is a hard work, people dedicate their time to create it, polish it and perfect it, so that we (end users) could be happy using it.

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