Everybody use computers today, it would be rather difficult to find somebody who doesn’t have it and doesn’t need it. So computers became so essential thing that we basically cannot live in a modern society without it, as we need it so often, even for simplest things, like for example:

  • find quickly some good recipe to make a sweetie
  • write a letter to somebody, then print it
  • or just send it by email
  • communicate with people
  • exchange things with them
  • quickly find where some address is located on an electronic map
  • buy something online that isn’t available in local shops
  • read some news
  • check credit card balance

etc, the list can continue and it will be long, depending on a person, on his needs and knowledge.



So a PC today is without doubt an extremely useful thing to have, as lots of things can be done real quick with it than without. The PC economizes precious time, money, energy, it simplifies life and makes it easier, of course in case its owner knows how to use it 🙂

But are people aware about programs that are being run on their PC? That make it all reality.

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