Risks of using pirated software

So why using pirated software on personal computer is a risky business?

First of all, you should know how to find it in internet, without risking of downloading some fake “crack” or “keygen” that is not really that but some virus instead. Experienced users know how to do so and can bypass bad fake sites and go directly to real sites that contain real cracking stuff they seek for, that actually works. But the vast majority of “normal” novice users simply do not know how to do that and are (happily) unlikely to learn it, unless somebody experienced will explain and will show them how to do so.

Then everybody who use pirated software, know that it is getting blocked regularly (as everybody are connected), and so that software can stop functioning at any moment. If it is some important software that user needs absolutely to do his work, like Word, Excel, Photoshop, some programming environment, other stuff or even Windows itself, then it would create a real problem, as user will be blocked from doing his work. In case it was an antivirus, then user will lose his protection and he will be exposed to all the risks of using his completely unprotected PC without even that basic protection that can lead to some real problems for the person that economized some 30 euros that cost legitimate antivirus software.

Advanced users can react to that by downloading some new cracks for that software, or simply by downloading precracked software and will still use it. But for novice it will turn out to be a real stress and even a nightmare, as he just cannot repair it all alone. Advanced users can actually prevent cracked software to ever use internet, but then they are getting stuck with that old version and they will never be able to download any updates for it. They can only find some new precracked version. If ever that version will stop working for one reason or another, then the story will be repeated again.

Use of pirated software can easily lead to some migraines and can quickly break your patience, so sometimes it is in fact simpler just to purchase it and then be calm using and enjoying it without being interrupted anymore.

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